Here you'll find some information to my current concert programs

  • „From Spain to Southamerica“ – Solo-Recital
    A journey through time and space
    Works by Francisco Tarrega, Agustin Barrios-Mangoré, R. Lampis and others

  • „Hogstul Ballad“ – the current program to the new release
    E-guitar live with free improvisation and onomatopoeia
    Also available with video sequences

  • „Paisaje español“ – Solo-Recital
    With works from four centuries Robert Lampis shows a variety of Spain.
    Not only powerful echoes of Flamenco, but also unique sound impressions.
    Melancholic melodies and an unbelievable virtuosity – this is guitarmusic from Spain.
    Works by Narvaez, Sor, Albéniz and more

  • „Wellknown and surprising“ für Gitarre
    From Spain to Scandinavia
    From Tarrega to ABBA

  • „Soundscapes“ – guitar and live electronics
    Instrumental pictures from unique moods and landscapes.
    Works by Hind, Lampis, McGuire and others

  • „Duo Torrente“ – music from Spain and Southamerica
    Hanna Eittinger, soprano
    Robert Lampis, guitar